Own It


Angela - did you take a before pic? Cause you're prolly killin' it!

Here we are at about the three month point since I last hollered at y’all for this.  None of my reasons have changed, but some of you have, so I want to talk to you all about taking periodic photos of yourself in something sexy.  Ok maybe not sexy, but at least in board shorts (men) or a bikini (women).

Of course, it’s your photo, women can wear board shorts and men can wear bikini’s for all I care.

Why Do The MySpace Pic?

Because you’re on a long, personal journey.  A journey to fitness.  A trip to sexpack-ville.  A trek to Holy-hell-you-look-super-hot-since-I-saw-you-last-summerlandia.

When you embark on this trip, it’s important you make like Hansel and/or Gretel and leave some breadcrumbs along the way.

In the beginning it’ll serve as motivation.  Three months in, you’ll take another pic and compare em, and be like “GOOD LAWD I WAS GROSS”.

Later on it’ll serve as some proof to your fitness concepts.  For instance I’m currently trying out the “Eat really bad, don’t sleep much, and have high levels of stress in your life” Fitness Model.  I just took a pic, and compared it to that boring but effective “Paleo/Primal/CrossFit” model, and I’m really proving a solid model on how to get gross fast.

Doug's been one of our consistant athletes, he's seeing mad results!

So Here’s Your Quarterly Reminder

Go get a camera. Strip. Click. Bam! Done. File that picture with your other secret stuff (yeah, I know you got that secret stuff) and peek back on it the next time I write this post in some other ultra witty way. See ya in about 90 days my homeskillets.

Workout of the Day 8/19/2011

“Death Squared”
Death by Pull-Up
2 min. rest
Death by Wall Ball (20# @ 12’/16# @ 10′)

With a running clock, do 1 pull-up the first minute. 2 pull-ups the 2nd minute, 3 pull-ups the 3rd minute, etc. Until you can no longer complete the number of reps in 1 minute. Once you die, take a 2 minute rest and do the same with wall balls.

Compare to 2/18/2011 (Death by Pull-Up only).