Everyone out there has this weird image that CrossFitters are all hardcore robots who drink koala birth fluid for sustenance.  This might  be true most of the time, but underneath all the layers, we all are creative, artistic people too.  To prove that, today, my post is simply going to be a haiku about love.

Fran, Cindy, Diane.
No… Helen. You are my love.
Until the next girl.

SO ROMANTIC. Think you can do better? Post your haiku to comments and show me what’s up.


Speaking of romantic. Here’s a video of some CrossFitter foreplay.   Or maybe it’s just Spealler demonstrating how to do a Turkish Get Up using the closest weight handy…

A barbell TGU also is available for your pleasure.

Posting this because I’m wondering if we should get some asian room dividers.

Workout of the Day 3/25/2011

4 x 400m Run Max Effort
Rest 3 min. between efforts. Try to stay within 5 seconds of your best/worst time.

Turkish Get-Up 5-5-5


I just saw this and realized there’s some game to this Haiku business!  Gotta stay sharp, maybe the TED Haiku content fires up again this year!