Fran. Love you.


ok. fran drescher, we like you more.


In my while CrossFitting now, I have come across people who love certain movements.  For example, I loathe overhead squats, but I know some gimpy, one-footers who LOVE overhead squats.  Said gimpy, overhead squat fanatic HATES shoulder press or bench work…. which I love.  Regardless of all that, I know ZERO people who “love” fran.  They might tell you they do, but they don’t.  Trust me.

Why is Fran one of the tests of all tests?  Maybe it’s the sheer intensity.  Regardless of your ability, Fran is going to take you to the limit, and dim sum. (“and then some” for our non-asiabonics folks out there).  Perhaps is cause it’s tailor made to take your Glycolytic energy system for a joy ride (if you don’t know what that is, sign up for Fundamentals).  Personally I think it’s because it’s one of those rare few workouts that have an exponentially inverse “speed-to-time-spent-on-the-floor-finding-God” ratios.

What the hell is that?  Put simply, if you beat me by 10 seconds – you also will have about 45 more seconds on the rubber floor finding your religion than I will.  Beat me by a minute, and you’ll have achieved Nirvana, no doubt.

Why So Difficult Fran?

Why the hell is such a simple workout so damn difficult?  For starters, let’s remember the basic Mathematical rule we keep around here:

P = I = W/T or more commonly said, “Intensity equals Work divided by Time”.  Make no doubt, moving a 95 pound weight from the bottom of your front squat to overhead is just about one of the more Work intensive tasks you can do.  Work-wise, pull-ups ain’t no joke either — you’re moving your full body weight at least 1 to 2 feet – depending on your arm length.  Further, because the rep scheme is the mentally mind-fucking 21/15/9 – every round you go deeper into it, you have no excuse not to keep the intensity up.

Frans – All ‘Round!

Today is a special day.  Everyone in the box is going to be hitting Fran.  Fundamentals class, Regular class, and coaches and owners. We’re all going to get dirty and tussle with Fran.  Whether you can do kipping pull ups or not, you will be hitting Fran today.  If you’ve never done Fran before, do not shy away.  She’s a short workout, but one that you need to know to base  your CrossFit abilities against.  If you HAVE done Fran before – again – don’t shy away.  Go for a PR, or try to step up your progression into doing an Rx Fran!


Congrats Coach Mark!

You want to gun for someone? Well, aim high and set your sights on Coach Mark – who not only pretty much ACED his Level 1 Certification this weekend – but also did a 2:58 Fran as part of the certification process.  Yes. you read correctly – a 2 minute and 58 second Fran.  So if you’re hot shit – use that as your benchmark.  Gun for a sub three minute Fran.  When you fail to hit that, make sure you give Coach Mark Bell a high five on the way out of the box – cause not only did he crush Fran in front of all the other to-be-coaches at this weekends certification – but he did it with the LAX CrossFit name on his chest.


Classical music really makes this more potable.

Coach Glassman rips p90x a new bungholio.  This is posted per my p90x post the other day…

WOD 1/14/2011

A. Front Rack Mobility
Accumulate 15 minutes of Lacrosse Ball of Death in:
– Subscapularis
Teres Major/Minor
Pectoralis Minor Insertion (armpit)
– Pectoralis Major Origin (attachment to clavicle)

B. Met-Con
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull ups